11 May 2014

Family 3B had 13 attendees at the Gathering

Our hosts at the Swinfield Gathering were brothers, Raymond Francis and John Anthony of Family 3B. I wrote about their own family reunion in my post of 5th January 2014 on this Blog.

This part of the family can trace their ancestry back to the youngest son of William Swinfield (1804-1876), 
Families 3A and 3B meet:
Leslie Ernest and John Anthony Swinfield
discover that they are 3rd cousins!   
who claimed to be a tailor in England, by his first wife, Sarah Ballard. That son was born in Hartshill in Warwickshire before the family left for Australia in 1848. They are the great-grandsons of that immigrant, Daniel Swinfield (1842-1877), and his wife, Eliza Hayes through their youngest son, another Daniel (1877-1905). John's wife, Annette Marie, and their two sons, John Joseph and David Gerard were also with us. David's wife, also Annette Swinfield, brought along their two children, Samantha and Lachlan to meet more distant relations.

Debbie Humphries, Stephanie,
David Gerrard & John Anthony Swinfield  
John Allan, Penny & Felicity
They were the descendants of Daniel's older brother, John Swinfield (1873-1961), though his wife, Margaret Prior. 

John Allan Swinfield is their grandson and his two daughters, Penny and Felicity, are their great-grandchildren. 

Stephanie, Debbie, John Joseph, Annette Mary, David Gerrard, Lachlan,
John Anthony, Samantha, Annette Marie & Raymond Francis 
Unfortunately, John Allan's first cousin, Ronald John, could not be with us but his wife, Stephanie, was there with one of her daughters, Debbie Humphries. 

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